In order to preserve the quality of the materials used in Spinelli Gioielli over time, we suggest following some simple indications:

After use, we recommend cleaning the jewel with a simple microfiber cloth, avoiding the use of cleaning products as well as ultrasound equipment, and to then store each jewel in its original case.

We recommend avoiding the direct contact of jewelry with creams, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, chlorine and to avoid exposure to excessive thermal changes.
In case your jewel has a white rhodium finish, we suggest requesting the rhodium plating at our laboratory again, should you find a loss of gloss. The rhodium plating treatment consists in a surface finishing and it normally tends to wear out over time.

Spinelli Gioielli is made with highly selected and high-quality materials. The metals used, such as Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver, are processed according to the legal regulations without the addition of nickel, which, however, could naturally be present, in extremely small quantities and within the legal limits, also in the "Nickel Free" alloys.

Spinelli Gioielli are handcrafted works. To allow the maintenance of their original beauty, we recommend delivering them periodically to our laboratory for inspection and professional cleaning.

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