The Gemological Laboratory Mineralcenter has been operating since 1990 as a Technical Consultant of the Court and C.C.C.I.A.A. of Padua Associated to A.I.G. Italian Gemologist Association. The lab collaborates with the most important Gemological Institutes, with cutting-edge technical instrumentation in order to face the insidious challenges of the market, the increasingly evolved synthetic productions and extensive sophisticated treatments.


Preventive counselling for the evaluation of the work to be carried out on Gems, Diamonds, Jewelry, modern and ancient gemological materials. The service is intended to deal in advance with the aspects of each individual case, supporting the Customer during all gemological operations.


Esaminazioni di vario tipo, effettuate in laboratorio e in situ, su preziosi e materiali gemmologici eterogenei artistici e pregiati, che possono trovarsi in cassette di sicurezza o depositi

Examinations of various types and in situ, carried out on lots of precious and/or on heterogeneous artistic and valuable materials that can be found in safety boxes or warehouses.


Certifications according to U.N.I. norms, that consists in a diagnosis achieved with the aid of the most advanced instrumental technologies and the new methodological techniques.


Neutral Guarantee Technical Certificate, the "Jewel Identity Card" as a fundamental tool in support of the various economic and commercial aspects.