Our History

Spinelli Gioielli, an exclusive high-end jewelry atelier, was born from Mineralcenter: the historical family company which has always been active in the gemology and mineralogy sectors. They are both located in the center of Abano Terme.

The siblings Lucia, Marco and Paolo inherited the Atelier from their father Mario Spinelli. They combined their passions and creativity to create a brand attentive to design and dedicated to the creation of unique and precious jewelry.

Spinelli Gioielli creations represent the perfect synthesis between a primary goldsmith tradition and a strong creative innovation, open to experimentation and diffusion opportunities coming from the world of contemporary fashion and design.  

Each jewel is a piece of art

A Spinelli Gioielli creation is a unique artwork containing precious natural entities that are scrupulously selected combined with refined materials enhancing the energy of the heart’s core with a timeless charm.

Each creation is born from suggestions and inspirations that contribute to its uniqueness.

The production of bespoke and made to measure jewelry is a distinctive feature of the Atelier. Spinelli Gioielli ensures individual attention to create an accurate customer service experience - an element that has continued to be primary concern of the Group.

The creative group

Spinelli Gioielli welcomes its customers in a refined and pleasant ambience, interpreting their dreams and needs. The collections, formed in perfect synergy, highlight a constant research in the creative process as well as in the processing of gems and metals. The Group has frequent collaboration with the most skilled masters of goldsmiths, hand engravers and gem-setters, as well as with nationally and internationally renowned art experts and designers.